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Sep 20, 2019

This week I talk to my wife Tricia and daughter Caroline to get two different perspectives on kids using social media. If you are a parent and don't know what a Finsta is, or what TikTok/VSCO are, or how monitoring SnapChat / social media works, this is the podcast for you! Social media with kids is a catch 22 - if they are not on it they miss out on a lot of their peer socialization, if they are on it there are at least as many risks and downsides as upsides. We talk about the platforms, usage, abuse, and how to try to get a handle on it as parents (including tools to do so).
OurPact - the tool we use ($8/month) for controlling access to apps and screen time. There's a locator app too but Google Maps with location sharing is pretty much the same IMO. 
Bark - for monitoring social media, we have not tried it but have heard about it ($9/month). One caveat - SnapChat private messages and private stories are not monitored. The only way to get at those is with jailbreaking or rooting your kids devices, as far as I can tell. 
What is a Finsta (Fake-Instagram)
What is a VSCO girl? 
What is TikTok? 
How can kids secretly screenshot SnapChat?